• M.S.Love B&B


    No.608 Chuanfan Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung County

  • Themes

    Welcome home!

    Sea views

    Mountain Ocean Love is located right in front of Sail Rock and has a unique layered grey stone exterior, while interiors feature open, minimalist design that lets you enjoy a holiday with style and taste.

    Spacious rooms

    The entire guesthouse is large and spacious - whether you’re in the lounge, common area, guest room or hallway, you’ll never feel crowded or cramped.

    Creative design

    In rooms with a view of the ocean or the mountains, we’ve installed floor-to-ceiling windows to let you fully appreciate the undulating emerald horizon and its brilliant sunsets. We’ve designed rooms to have their own unique personality and style - each room is a surprise waiting to be discovered!

  • Standard double room

    Fixed price:3200
    Summer holiday:2800
    Summer weekday/Holiday:2200

  • Mountain view four-person room

    Fixed price:5200
    Summer holiday:4500
    Summer weekday/Holiday:3500

  • Sea view four-person room

    Fixed price:6200
    Summer holiday:5800
    Summer weekday/Holiday:4500

  • Sea view double room

    Fixed price:5500
    Summer holiday:5200
    Summer weekday/Holiday:4000

  • Mountain view double room

    Fixed price:4800
    Summer holiday:3900
    Summer weekday/Holiday:3000

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